Gather your loved ones together and lets make some magic happen!  My sessions are VERY low stress,  all I ask of you is that you let me be completely in charge during your session.  Basically you show up and I take care of the rest.  During my sessions we have lots of fun.  I will having you doing lots of movement and interacting during your session.  I will get the standard everyone looking at me picture, but my focus is the family interacting with eachother.     I dance, I sing, I talk about weird weird things, so come prepared to laugh and have fun!   OH and did I tell you I LOVE working with kids and most important,  I love working with kids with special needs.   I worked with special kids at a preschool for 4 years and I can honestly say these kids stole my heart!   So, if you have a little one with special needs, YES YES YES, bring them to me!   I've been told before that I'm a 4 yr old trapped in an adult womans body...fair statement!