I'm Sherry! 

Growing up and all the way through college I was the shyest person in the room.     Well, somewhere between college and now things have changed.  Now I’m living and loving life, one day at a time.  I don't mind and quite enjoy making a fool of myself.    A highlight of my day is embarrassing my teens, which is not hard to do.    When I'm not behind the camera I love the peace and quiet of just being home and watching TV.   But I’ve got my specific shows…Crime TV, Comedy, and any Chic Flick that I can cry my eyes out to!   And my most favorite destination ever anything with a BEACH!   Just put me on the beach, although, you won’t catch me swimming in the ocean, that’s the shark's house and I wasn’t invited in!  I’m staying on the SAND!


I just celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary with my Husband.  We met in highschool, started dating our junior year and the rest is history!   We have two beautiful teen daughters that keep us super busy.   We also have two fur-children, Lucy a Soft Coated Wheaton (my little love) and Fergus who is a Chiuahua mix.    


Life Is Good!